Sunday, December 4, 2011

Chalkboard Labels

I've been wanting to paint my own chalkboard labels on my jars for a while - I just never managed to get up and find myself some chalkboard paint. Then on Saturday I found a great stand at Finders Keepers that sold different coloured paints and it just so happened that they had one of my most favourite colors- this minty green/teal!

I think they look smashing!

Friday, September 23, 2011

the seven stitch itch

Since living with Dana she has completely infected me with a sewing itch. I have lots of plans of things to make. First, Dana made me a top out of an old skirt that was made out of a really great fabric.

Then I totally and completely made a skirt. A whole skirt! Dana helped me so so so much with reading the pattern and helping me measure and cut and sew the whole thing together. THANKS DANA! I am so proud of myself - that was the first item of clothing I've ever made start to finish and that was actually good enough to wear out. Then I made a little singlet top with capped sleeves out of a cute floral fabric.

Next up is another skirt, a top out of a peacock feather patterned fabric and some other bits and pieces too!

Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Here is where I am:

Ben went to Sydney this morning for a night and I had the day off work so I have spent the day sitting on the couch under the airconditioner crocheting. My big granny blanket is so nearly finished that every spare minute I get right now I can be found crocheting! I've had cheese on toast for breakfast, a couple of cups of chai tea and a yumbo sandwich for lunch. I've also watched TWO movies (The Royal Tenenbaums and Best in Show.) So if you need me, I'll be here for the rest of the day, on the couch. Poppy says hello too! Because she is quite a lazy dog she is excellent company for a lazy day.

Sunday, January 30, 2011

Blankets for All!

My first project out of Pip Lincolne's Sew La Tea Do was the 'I love Linus movie blanket'- I made two over the weekend and had to stop myself from making more (one for the dog, one to keep in the cupboard for a present later, another for me...)

Wanna see Sophie and I holding our blankets?!

They were so easy to make and what you can't see in the pictures is that they roll up and tie with a cute ribbon that's sewn in. Perfect for travel, popping in your bag, picnics- anything!!