Tuesday, April 17, 2012

Finished slippers = warm toes!

Finished my second Grouse Slipper last night and promptly put it on to keep my other foot warm!
This one I was a bit more careful about finishing and didn't need to rush it at the end. You can see in the picture that I've ended up with two different looking toes. Well don't look that close! That, in turn, has made the overall fit much better and I found the first slipper finished to be a little bigger. But nevermind that now, they're done! My first sock like knitted pair that I have ever finished! I'd really love to find something to put on the bottom to make it more durable for walking in. Shop slippers without a proper sole often have those clear plastic bumps. Anyone know if you can buy the liquid and make those bumps yourself?! That would make these slippers puuuurfect.

Quick, easy and comfortable (especially with all this rainy weather Sydney is seeing at the moment) this pattern is really lovely. Go get started on a pair of your own today!

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