Sunday, April 15, 2012

the cat's pajamas

This weekend involved a huge amount of craft. The Bens had gone down to the coast to have a boys weekend so Dana and I (and Poppy, can't forget that girl!) were free to do as much knitting, sewing and Game of Thrones watching as we could get away with (8 hours if you are interested.)

Friday night saw us at a Brown Owls meeting, where I continued on with a grey moss stitch scarf. Unfortunately the amount of chatting and wine drinking I was doing caused me to knit three rows in rib stitch instead of moss and so half the time was spend ripping that back. Such a lovely way to spend a friday - surrounded by great gals doing great things!

Saturday was pie eating (two) and fabric shopping. Dana and I had a freaky friday moment and for a change, I showed great restraint. I only bought a metre of beautiful fabric that really could only be used for something baby oriented. Is it weird to not have a baby or any friends with babies and still want to make baby clothes? It's not, right? I'm not sure.

Sunday was trash and treasure markets, scone baking with Sophie and Dana, a bit more knitting of my second grouse slipper and some sewing.

I finished off this pair of comfy pants al la Pip (taken from her Sew La Tea Do book) for my brother.
This was a bit of a collaboration project for us - Sam decided on the pattern (and matching beanbag, might I add.) And as though a pair of comfy pants and a beanbag weren't a good enough pair we decided to kick up the comfort level a notch by making these in flannelette. Sam couldn't pick between the stripes and the spaceships so we decided to do both. Then I got real clever by making alternating pockets. Too bad I sewed them in far too low and the opening will be closer to his knees!
Still, they were really simple to make and have turned out really nicely.
Here's Ben playing model ---

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