Tuesday, June 26, 2012

some lovely images of a home

One of Design*Sponge's latest sneak peaks is one of the most beautiful I've seen and I just wanted to share some of my favourite images.

Doesn't it just look like the kind of place you want to spend your days in?

Monday, June 25, 2012

Train knits: Jumpers and Cardigans

Knitting on the train while on our way to work is a pretty regular occurence for Dana and I and at the moment we're both working on cardigans. My featherweight is coming along nicely, despite a couple of holes where holes shouldn't be (shhh... that's how you know it's handmade. And I got bored and complacent with the stockinette stitch, ok?!) and Dana is making herself a lovely, chunky oragami like jumper.

Dana, in what some knitters might have considered a risky move, chose the train to unravel a provisional cast on for the first time. As it turns out the risk completely paid off and I got to see a provisonal cast on in action for the first time as well- win!

Tuesday, June 12, 2012

Long, Lazy Weekend

Our Queens Birthday weekend looked a little like this - 

It was rainy, rainy, rainy and cold. Sydney put on an amazing show of crappy, miserable weather but it gave us the perfect excuse for staying inside and hibernating. Over the three days we had off Ben and I left the house twice. Once for food and the other for buttons (both completely necessary items, wouldn't you say?) I was semi productive I guess but it didn't really matter, I was far too relaxing doing next to nothing to care!
Outside. The place where we just didn't venture. See all that rain? DO YOU SEE IT?!

We drank about a billion cups of tea
I followed Tilly's wonderful tutorial to make myself a skirt...
...and I made it out of this beautiful cotton Dana and Ben brought back for me from India.

We watched copious amounts of West Wing and Seinfeld and along the way I knit. On the left, the orange yarn is fast becoming the Featherweight Cardigan. While we watched V for Vendetta (and I'm still not sure what to think of that movie) I cracked past the sleeve caps. Now I just stockinette away until I reach the length I want. On the right the green laceweight is slowly becoming a scarf for Mumsy. When will this thing end?!

Yeah, I drank my fair share of wine.  
I sewed my first ever real button holes! In this case 'real' means that these buttons are responsible for holding my skirt up. That's real!
See?! Looky! Wonky, a bit wide and not really in the spot that I wanted but functional buttonholes nonetheless.

Yeah, that's another glass of wine, what of it?! That's also the Etsy YouTube channel on the laptop. I really love their videos - super peaceful, whimsical and full of stories of creative individuals.

We sat on the couch with this flea bag (literally. Damn you wet weather!) and she relished in the rare opportunity of having us at home for three days straight. That's three days of endless belly rubs and cuddles. Also three days of having someone around to bully into playing. 
Winter is definitely upon us now and I probably couldn't be happier. Well maybe if we owned a heater I'd be a little happier but an extra glass of mulled wine will make up the difference, right?!
Hope you all had a lovely long (or regular length) weekend too!

Sunday, June 3, 2012

Featherweight Cardigan

Finally, I can start the featherweight. And boy, have I waited.

First for the wool, then the ball winder, then the needles (I should still be waiting until I finish the lace scarf for Mum's birthday but I guess she can just start doing some waiting too). Soz, Mum!

But the other night I convinced myself to cast on and so far it's going gangbusters. I've had to learn pretty quickly what a M1R and M1L (Make 1 Right and Make 1 Left) increase is and I think I've got them memorised now. Some of the holes made from these increases are looking a little on the big side of pretty but I'm still happy.

The Malabrigo Lace is so soft and wonderful it's like knitting clouds and feathers and I'm trying the metal interchangable KnitPro tips for the first time too. I worried that the light yarn and the slippery metal might be a bad combination but it all seems to be holding together pretty well and stitches don't seem to be sliding around.

I have heard some bad reviews of the Malabrigo Lace but I wanted to be a bit of a knitting goodie two shoes for my first big project and use the wool the pattern recommended. Apparently the yarn has quite the tendency to pill and kind of self-felt. I knitted pretty hardcore this weekend and I've managed to get this far. So far I can see how the wool might be difficult - it's that kind of baby soft and slighty fuzzy yarn that tends to fuse itself together but it's not a problem unless later on down the track I want to rip it back for any reason. And seeing as this is my first cardigan and it's all a big learning curve, that might not be too far off. I'll go slowly and remain calm and hopefully that's going to minimise potential mistakes. Other than that niggling fear, I'm loving it!