Sunday, June 3, 2012

Featherweight Cardigan

Finally, I can start the featherweight. And boy, have I waited.

First for the wool, then the ball winder, then the needles (I should still be waiting until I finish the lace scarf for Mum's birthday but I guess she can just start doing some waiting too). Soz, Mum!

But the other night I convinced myself to cast on and so far it's going gangbusters. I've had to learn pretty quickly what a M1R and M1L (Make 1 Right and Make 1 Left) increase is and I think I've got them memorised now. Some of the holes made from these increases are looking a little on the big side of pretty but I'm still happy.

The Malabrigo Lace is so soft and wonderful it's like knitting clouds and feathers and I'm trying the metal interchangable KnitPro tips for the first time too. I worried that the light yarn and the slippery metal might be a bad combination but it all seems to be holding together pretty well and stitches don't seem to be sliding around.

I have heard some bad reviews of the Malabrigo Lace but I wanted to be a bit of a knitting goodie two shoes for my first big project and use the wool the pattern recommended. Apparently the yarn has quite the tendency to pill and kind of self-felt. I knitted pretty hardcore this weekend and I've managed to get this far. So far I can see how the wool might be difficult - it's that kind of baby soft and slighty fuzzy yarn that tends to fuse itself together but it's not a problem unless later on down the track I want to rip it back for any reason. And seeing as this is my first cardigan and it's all a big learning curve, that might not be too far off. I'll go slowly and remain calm and hopefully that's going to minimise potential mistakes. Other than that niggling fear, I'm loving it!


  1. Well done! I don't think I'll get to knitting a cardigan this winter, but I'll be very keen to see how yours turns out!

  2. Thanks Britt! It will probably still be going by the next brown owls meeting so I'll make sure to bring it along.