Wednesday, August 22, 2012


A more than brief hiatus, my apologies for being a lame ass blogger. I've been pretty busy but literally have zero photos to show of it.

I finished one job and started another and in between had two glorious weeks off. I've been back to Canberra a couple of times to visit friends and family. We've been enjoying some lurverly Sydney weather, spent a month sober (which was crap and shall never be repeated, thanks for asking), have been traipsing around the dog park a fair bit, swimming in the mornings (which is less freezing than it sounds) and have completed my Featherweight cardigan!

I finished the Featherweight with a regular bind off (the only one I knew) and even though I'm not a tight stitcher at all, the bind off was so tight that it pulled the ends of the collar right up to my boobs, making a weird bolero shape. So I undid the bind off and tried Jenny's Surprisingly Stretchy Bind Off which is, as the name suggests, surprisingly stretchy. Collar now sits pretty much exactly where I want it too.

  I'm considering myself freakishly lucky with how well the cardigan turned out. I didn't gauge swatch (can't be arsed), I didn't try it on as I was going (no excuse other than it's winter and I didn't feel like stripping off to try on half a cardigan) and it was the very first cardigan I've ever made. I felt for sure there'd be a disaster in there waiting for me but it was all pretty much smooth sailing. It's probably got a huge deal to do with Hannah Fetig. That girl can write a pattern! It was clear and consise and even if I couldn't really see where she was going with something as long as I followed to the letter it all worked out! It really was the perfect pattern to learn cardigan construction - top down, raglan sleeves, simple and super cute.


  1. It turned out so well! It's beautiful and such a lovely colour!

  2. It's excellent! I'm completely inspired and am going to put it on my to-knit list for next Autumn. Well done.

  3. Thanks guys! Britt, I would absolutely recommend it - it's really lovely and easy :)