Tuesday, October 16, 2012

Hiroshima (b b b Benny hit his head)

There really isn't too much to report from Hiroshima sadly, we just weren't there for long enough. I think I only pulled out the big girl camera once!

Our hotel was right next to the Peace Park but also near a great little strip of shops and restaraunts.

For dinner we ended up in a place without English menus and a limited picture menu. Not surprisingly, we managed to order a dish of pig stomach. Ben actually really enjoyed it but I could only smell and taste wet dog. Like I was chewing on a soggy, boneless wet dog leg. Deeeelicious! Luckily we also managed to order a safer chicken dish with rice that I loved so we were both happy.

We took a walk around the peace park at night, everything is lit up beautifully and there were lots of people strolling around. The A-Bomb Dome looks amazing at night so if you're ever in Hiroshima make sure you check it out. We've really become fans of the night walk here in Japan- its nice to walk off your dinner and great for sight seeing.

Yesterday, we visited the Peace Park Museum. It's a great museum but definitely hard to swallow. It goes through the reasons for why Japan was chosen as the recipients of this horrific 'gift' in the first place and of course the after affects of the bomb itself. Hiroshima are fantastically dedicated to a peaceful world without the inclusion of atomic weapons.

We had a wonderful lunch at a Spanish tapas bar after another quick walk through the park before we headed off on the Shinkansen to Kyoto.


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