Thursday, October 25, 2012

Kyoto - last of Japan

We've been back for just under a week now and hit the ground running - straight back to work.
I thought I better finish up the Japan posts before the whole trip gets so far away that I can't remember what we did! Good thing we've got the photos!

Kyoto was kinder to us on the second day and although it looked like it was going to rain it managed to hold off until we saw some temples and gardens.

Kyoto is absolutely beautiful, we were sad to have to leave. So green and lush and lovely. We saw the Golden Temple (refurbed with the gold leaf in the late 80's) and got our zen on with raked gravel gardens.

At the end of the day we had to take the train back to Osaka. We were flying out the next morning and needed to be close to the airport. It was here that I got a text message from our airline letting us know that our flight out of Malaysia to Sydney was 'retimed' for 7 hours; leaving us with 14 hours to kill in KL. We were upset and furious (it all worked out alright in the end though. We lived through it (and a $15 for two people a night hotel in the dingy outskirts of KL) and are able to tell the story now. I won't go further in to it) and helpless.

We had dinner at our favourite Japanese chain, Pepper Lunch, for the last time to cheer us up (although it turns out there is one in Sydney!) and walked a little around the city.

I was ready to be home but absolutely depressed to be leaving such a beautiful country and such a sweet holiday. We really had a wonderful time and would recommend visiting Japan in a heartbeat. We're all settled back into Sydney life now and it feels like Japan might have been years behind us. As I sit here writing this I'm thinking back to a week ago - it was exactly the night I talked about above, Pepper Lunch in Osaka. Strange to think that we were sitting there so recently and that the same waitresses are probably at this very second serving other tourists in our place.


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