Saturday, October 13, 2012

Oh deer!

We left Osaka and our share house yesterday morning for Nara. It's only half an hour on the train but feels worlds apart from the city.

Our hotel is lovely, a quiet guest house on a back street. While we waited for check in time we had a wander around a bit of the town, had lunch and headed to the deer at Nara Park. Looking at a map of Nara the park takes up most of the space. It's full of temples and pagodas, spots to sit, little lakes and of course, deer. We bought ourselves a packet of deer cookies to make some friends along the way. Coming out of one large pack having had our cardigans chewed and some wet noses poked into bags we took a seat near a lake under some trees for more reading and knitting.

Nara is lovely and the perfect antidote to cities - green, slower paced and with some lovely little shops and alleys to get lost in. I've even found one of the two wool shops where they have a beautiful display of handspun, hand dyed cotton and wool. I WILL be making a pit stop there before we leave!

Yesterday marked one week since we arrived although it feels like we've been here a lot longer.

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