Saturday, October 6, 2012

Ohayo Gozaimaaaaaas

Our flights were long, one we under calculated the length of by about 4 hours, the other was the red eye into Okaka. These were accompanied by a 5hr wait in KL airport during the middle of the night. I've never been so happy to see a shower I don't think.

But it was worth it in the end, Japan (well, what we've seen so far) is beautiful. We've been helped out by the Japanese who can see we're obviously struggling with the language and signs, the weather is perfect and the beer and food are plenty.

In knititng news for those of you who are interested: I managed to knit for about 6 hours between the planes and the trains and have just separated the sleeves from the body of my Goodale cardigan.

In Osaka yesterday I had proper, real, authentic ramen yesterday for lunch and just wanted to dunk my whole head in. We had okonomiyaki for dinner along with vegetable sticks that you rubbed on a cold brick of pink salt. We had local sake last night too that was incredibly smooth (especially after having the hard, prickly rice wine of Vietnam).

This morning we took the Shinkansen (bullet train) to Tokyo- we'll be here for three days. We tried to get tickets to the Ghibli musuem here in Tokyo but we've found out too late that these sell out sometimes weeks in advance :(

This afternoon we took a train into central Tokyo to go to the top of the Government Offices- at the top of the 45th floor there is a free observation deck giving you basically 360 degrees of Tokyo. It's strange to think that I was staring at the population of all of Australia right there in one spot. We took a walk around a lovely park at dusk before heading right into the centre of town to have dinner - soba noodles with sesame for me.

The Japanese are lovely - sweet and gentle and impeccably dressed. We're a bit embarrassed by how little Japanese we speak and are just getting up the confidence to really thank someone without just mumbling a quick thank you under our breath. They're such respectful people that we're pretty conscious of what we say. Some of the people we have come in contact with have been almost apologetic for not speaking much English but what they do know is perfectly correct. We really want to make sure we're saying the right thing!

Anywho, off to bed sleep now. The pillow I've got my head on now is literally filled with small beans, maybe rice, but I can tell it's not going to matter in a few seconds.

Also, please excuse any weird formatting in future posts- I'm using the blogger app so I can include my photos. Usually I like to spread photos out amongst the text but I don't think I'm going to have the option here. As I have access to computer's I'll update as I go.

Love to all back home xx

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  1. Hurrah! Wonderful to hear you made it and that you're already digging into the delicious food. Your knitting has come along so much! xo

    ps. the bonsai is still alive.