Wednesday, October 17, 2012

We <3 Kyoto

What was just predicted as 'potential showers' on the weather this morning turned out to be 'constantly heavy rain' in Kyoto today. I guess she was just having an off day. It's ok, Kyoto - sometimes I feel like being a bit of a cow too.

Slightly deterred from seeing the multitude of gardens and temples we know Kyoto is famous for we opted for more wet weather friendly options.

We started with starbucks. Don't judge- Japan don't really do our idea of breakfast (or breakfast at all really; they seem to be late risers). From there we worked out a rain avoidance route. Mostly this involved hanging around the Nishiki Markets- a wonderful place to see the weird and wonderful things Kyoto cuisine is made up of. Marinated sashimi salmon kebabs were delicious- see photo below! We did a ton of shopping, vintage and presents for peeps back home in between food browsing.

After a brief afternoon siesta (we're getting quite used to these - how will we survive a full day of work next week?!) we headed to Ponto-Cho. By the time we got there the rain was so heavy that our shoes were wet through and squelching. Ponto Cho is a tiny, beautifully traditional alley tucked within the city. We'd been told to be there around 5:30 so we could see the Geisha (or Ginko) go to their nightly job and while we did see a few heading off and beautifully made up, we were all really just trying to avoid the rain rather than take in any sights. I did manage a few photos but they're on the big girl camera and I can't upload them from our hotel.

From here we made a quick Zara stop and then headed to a wine bar before a beautiful din dins. Despite the rain we have absolutely loved Kyoto. We just hope tomorrow is going to be clearer, our feet/hair/serene minds can't take too much more of this rain!


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