Wednesday, March 20, 2013


I have completely finished Ben's cabled vest. Did I mention I was knitting Ben a vest? I am/I did. I picked up 15 balls of a granddad grey, 8-ply Cleckheaton wool at The Fabric Cave for a crazy cheap price - like $12 for the lot. I gave Ben almost free reign of Ravelry to pick some patterns that he liked the look of and he came back with this; the Schmidt . It's a lovely pattern, really well written and easy to follow.

When I can, I use the Good Reader app on my iPhone to read my patterns. It's a great little app and I found it really useful when reading charts. This vest was not only my first big cabled pattern but also the first time I've had to rely on a chart. The only problem was that the phone screen was a little small and so I had to zoom in on the chart and really triple check my counting. But then, the most lovely surprise came to me for my birthday: my gorgeous mum bought me an iPad! Ben had been watching me read charts on my small phone screen for about a month knowing that one day, iPad in hand, I would struggle no longer! Talk about First World Problems, hey? But let me tell you, charts on this baby have been a breeze.

I finished this in perfect time because it's been fresh the last couple of days - I think maybe autumn is finally here. I knit the medium size and it fits Ben perfectly. The wool is probably going to be too warm for Sydney winters; it's made such a lovely thick fabric but it will be perfect for going back to Canberra.

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