Saturday, April 6, 2013


For the amount of beautiful beaches surrounding Sydney there are a shockingly small number of dog beaches. We did manage to find one within an hours drive from home and have just spend a few hours of our Sunday morning there.
Ben, Dana and Neika came along for the ride, as did my finished Lunatic Fringe.

We threw encouraged Poppy in to the water. She quite promptly got out and busied herself with securing the perimeter of the beach, taking it upon herself to greet all doggy newcomers, bark at their owners and chase gulls. She's kind of a big deal. The little black bullet with attitude. She's done a complete reversal on that and is currently flat.on.her.back. Dead to the world.

Want some beachy, artfully positioned photos of the Lunatic Fringe? Follow me...

What I thought was almost a full ball of wool turned out to be far less so which made getting the shawl finished super speedy. It's hella warm and is big enough to be worn chunky scarf style which I like - I'm not so much a shawl kind of gal. I accidently on purpose made the stockinette sections slightly different sizes (who needs counting when you're having fun?!) and I actually really like it that way. Would you count that as a mod?

Monday, April 1, 2013

I made wool

I finished off a little bag of greasy fleece that my spinning teacher had sent me home with a couple of weeks ago. It was my first lesson in preparing fleece with a hand carder but I'm not sure I'm in love with the process. I like getting into a nice rhythm with spinning and stopping all the time to card the next bit of fleece just got...tedious.

I gave all of the skeins that I'd finished since my first lesson a good bath and used a day of nice Sydney sunshine to hang them out on the line to dry.

I'm so happy with how they've turned out. The original chocolate brown wool is the teensiest bit crunchy thanks to it being a tad overspun but they are nicely balanced and the latest skeins of the greasy are so amazingly soft; they felt like they would melt at any second in the water.

Holding actual wool that I actually made with my own hands spurred me on a little bit and before I knew it I had a full bobbin of the most lovely rich purple merino!