Friday, May 3, 2013

the next big thing

I've finally decided on a pattern and yarn for my next big project!

Meet Agnes, a chunky knit jumper. We're going to be great friends. Simple and with cute pockets knit in a contrast colour, she is going to be a great addition to my wardrobe (if a bit warm for Sydney). As if I needed more encouragement than the look of the jumper alone, pretty much all of the comments from the other Ravelry projects mention how much they love the pattern and design. 

I've ordered Valley Yarns Amherst yarn in a lovely dark slate blue and a pale, stormy blue for the pockets. I considered going for a bright contrasting colour for the pockets but wasn't sure how much they'd show and ending up picking a complimentary colour instead. 

I've not knit with this yarn before but really, as a knitter in Australia, sometimes you just need to jump blindly into ordering yarn online despite never having laid eyes or hands on it before. We do get yarns in Australia but there is really only one store in Sydney that I trust and they just don't stock everything. I ordered all of the yarn for my Featherweight and Walpole online and was perfectly happy with both.
Amherst had wonderful reviews on Webs so I'm putting all of my trust in my fellow knitters!

In the meantime I've got the Crofton Cuffs on the go. I've finished the right hand glove and have just cast on for the left yesterday...

I'm knitting them in the Cascade 220 that Mum snagged for me.
The mitt is super cute but looks totally odd when the top is pulled over. You have to keep your hand in a fist if the top is down and it looks a little odd. Stumpy. And thus, not at all useful. I'd just seen Jamie Lanister's hand being cut off in Game of Thrones and the stump wrist just isn't what I was hoping for. But they'll be super warm and great for quick dashes around when I would otherwise be shoving my hands in my pockets. The happy yellow is going to be fun to look at during winter as well!

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