Tuesday, June 4, 2013

An Eternity

An about the length of time that it will take me to learn that I need to read the pattern.

I met a woman on Sunday wearing the Eternity Scarf by Michele Wang and instantly wanted one for myself. I had 13 balls of some pure merino yarn (brand is Zodiac - never heard of it? You aren't alone) that I found at The Fabric Cave a while back and I knew that they'd be a match. The colour is College Grey - isn't that just the best name? I think I'll need to go back to uni and carry around a satchel when I wear this.

I spent the following night and next morning train ride to work casting on the required 120 stitches. Then I read the pattern - cast on using Long Tail Method (Error 1). So out those 120 stitches came. Mildly annoying but not the worst thing to endure.

The scarf is made up of three sections - two different types of rib and stockinette and it's simple enough to be nice, easy knitting but still has enough to keep it interesting. The problem here is that because it looked simple I just sort of...forgot to read the pattern.

Enter Error 2. After the Long Tail Fail I read the first line of the pattern for the first ribbed section - k2, p3 for one round. I then promptly forgot to return to the pattern for round two instructions. And so I have continued in k2, p3 mode for three balls of wool until this morning when I thought I'd take a peek at the pattern to see what was coming up.

I was so close to ripping it all out but decided to keep it as it is at the last minute. It looks good and there really isn't too much difference so it stays. Lucky.

In other news - winter in Sydney is going swimmingly. It's not been as drizzly as last winter and lots of our days have been crisp and sunny. Gosh, I love winter! I hope the weather is lovely in your part of the world too :)

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