Sunday, September 29, 2013

A new house

Ben and I move into a new house in one week - a proper house with a proper sized garden and a shed. We've put up with a tiny, janky courtyard for two years which has meant Poppy has had to stay inside for the majority of the time, our clothes take forever to dry when hanging up and we're generally in a state of misery when we look outside.

We haven't been able to grow a garden or even really have plants inside because it doesn't get enough sun. Ben has had to brew his beer in the laundry which makes everything smell a little farty and we basically live on top of our neighbours.

But all that is about to change as we've just scored a lovely house with light and room and a great yard for veggies and flowers and the dog. I'll have an entire room designated to the sewing table and spinning wheels! 

For some reason, amidst all of this packing, I've got a real sudden urge to sew. 
It might just be because my sewing gear and fabric has had to be packed away and now I want what I can't have. It might be my super strength procrastination skillz at work. It might also be because my modcloth wish list was about 15 simple summer dresses deep and I realised that I probably possess the ability to sew similar dresses myself. It might also be that with going through my wardrobe to get rid of anything that I don't wear or doesn't fit me I've realised how much I am desperate for more clothes. Maybe it's because spring is here and I've not got all that much to wear. 
It's probably a combination of all of the above and it's a lethal combination. 

I've got a plan though to handle this sewing urge better than I have in the past. In the past I've been too impatient to finish something and ended up rushing to the finish line. This time I'm going to take it all slowly. I'd much rather spend longer making a dress and end up with something I can actually wear rather than zip through it and end up with an unusually pretty rag. 

I picked up these beautiful fabrics from the last Fabric-a-brac to hit Sydney in one little bundle of japanese print cotton. I'm not sure yet what they are destined to be but I'm on the look out. 

I also recently remembered that I purchased the Colette Violet pattern that I'm yet to use and I've got some lovely light summery fabrics that I'm going to use. 

I'd say watch this space but then I know how unreliable I am with updating the ol' bloggy blog so I don't want you to hold your breath! Jks. I'll try to post in a timely fashion. 

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