Sunday, October 27, 2013


We're almost ready to start planting the garden with herbs and veggies for summer. Ben cleared out a decent sized patch during last week and we're waiting for a new batch of soil to mix in. Our soil is quite sandy and doesn't hold water particularly well so we've got quite a bit of preparation work. The compost (my new favourite obsession) is coming along nicely but isn't ready to use yet.

While we are working on getting the patch ready I thought I'd get a head start on some seeds. 

I made up a bunch of little newspaper pots yesterday and filled them with seed raising mix. I watched this video on youtube for the pots - I used one single page of newspaper for each. 

They've been planted with rocket, gem lettuce, flat leaf parsley and beetroot. The beetroot really should have gone in for winter and autumn so I'm not sure how well they will go given the unseasonably warm weather Sydney has been having so far but all in the name of learning, hey? 

They're living in a polystyrene box in front of a window that gets a good amount of warmth and light and hopefully in about a weeks time I will see little flashes of green peeking out!

Thursday, October 24, 2013

My World

A little look at my world. Or the back of it anyway. 
Ben and I have only recently moved into our new home and already we rush home to have a wine in the back while watering the plants and watching Poppy chase her last few lizards of the day. 
Have you seen how happy our clothes look hanging on the line? For the first time in two years we take the washing off and it's crunchy from baking in the sun all day and smells fresh. Turns out dank little courtyards aren't super conducive to dry washing. Who knew?!

It's the perfect spot to be crafty I think. Weekend mornings with a coffee and some knitting, maybe some dying of wool, BBQs wearing sewn summery dresses. I'm ready!