Friday, November 8, 2013

New top

My handmade wardrobe just grew by one item - my new Violet top.

The only change I made was to leave it sleeveless and finish the arm holes off with some bias binding. I sewed one sleeve in and just didn't love the way it looked. The combination of floral fabric and slightly puffy sleeves had a distinct 80's vibe that I'd really rather avoid.

My sewing skillz are definitely getting better but I've got a long way to go before I upgrade from decent to quite decent.
The bias binding was necessary in the end to cover the terrible job I'd done at hemming the armholes. Then I spent a really long time practicing my button holes before sewing them on the top just to have Ben ask me why I had done them the wrong way. It literally never occurred to me to do them vertically, only horizontally. I genuinely laughed at him because I thought he must have some weird brain telling him to do button holes vertically. Turns out the joke was on me. On a tighter fitting top my button hole mishap would be more noticeable but Violet is so lovely and loose fitting that there isn't any strain on the buttons anyway. The collar ends don't meet quite where I would like them too and it doesn't sit flat over my shoulders. I didn't use any interfacing because the fabric is so lovely and light that I didn't want anything weighting it down which is maybe part of the problem?

Despite all of that, I'm glad I took my time with this one and have ended up with a top that I will actually wear. It's far from perfect but to an untrained eye the mistakes aren't really noticeable. I wore it to work today and no-one asked if I made it myself which I consider a good sign! Greatest of all, it's nice to be getting back into sewing again.

Thanks to this gal for her pro photography! xx

Monday, November 4, 2013

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Sunday, November 3, 2013

Violet for Summer

Before we moved house I went through all of my fabric and donated everything I knew I wouldn't use and sorted what was left into piles based on importance or what would be used next. It sounds a lot more organised that it really is - in truth 'sorting' just meant putting in separate drawers. This floral cotton lawn has been sitting around for about a year now; sad, beautiful and project-less.

While I was fabric sorting I went through my patterns and remembered that I bought the Colette Violet pattern some time ago. It's a sweet little buttoned top with either short or 3/4 length sleeves and gorgeous peter pan collar. My wardrobe is seriously lacking tops at the moment and going into summer I need something that I can wear with jeans, pants or skirt. And so, a new project was born...

Looking at what other sloggers (sewing bloggers - can this catch on?) have produced, it seems as though Violet ticks all of the boxes in terms of looks, ease and versatility. I mean, just look at these beauties over at Fancy Tiger Crafts! And this gem by Nette! Just so much cute. 

Remember when I said that I'll take it easy on this project? I was totes serious! I'm determined not to rush through it. I'll just take myself off to a corner and keep repeating that to myself, shall I? 

Yesterday I traced and cut out the pattern pieces and sewed the staystitching around the collar. Tonight I'll give it another half hour of attention - enough to get through the back gathers and maybe start the next step. 
I've got a knitting project on the go at the moment as well that has a fast approaching deadline that I really need to give some attention to so I can't sew all that much anyway. 

Hope you all have a good start to the week and that there is something new on your horizon too!