Monday, January 27, 2014

A Miette setback.

Miette cardigan

The Miette cardigan had been in my Ravelry sights for a long while now and after a couple of false starts, she was coming along nicely. It's a fairly simple cardigan, mostly stockinette, top down raglan sleeve with a little lace detail that runs along the edges and sleeve cuffs. 

Somewhere along the line, I might have got a little distracted and never managed to get the exact number of stitches I was meant to have but the black was nice and forgiving and so I just forged through. 

I finished the body and one sleeve during the week and tried it on and just didn't like it. The yarn (Morris & Sons Empire in the Charcoal colourway) seems too puffy and the 3/4 sleeves, which I normally prefer, don't work as well as I would like with the bulk of the yarn. The lace around the cuff of the sleeve didn't work because sure, I had more stitches than I was meant to. This also has left me with sleeves that are really too big. Blurgh. 

I think I'll skip the lace cuffs and just knit them plain but I can't even look at it at the moment. It's been sitting in a bundle back in the knitting basket. And I've been glaring at it from across the room. 


I had written all of the above last week. Today, I sit with no Miette cardigan, and some extra balls of that lovely soft yarn sitting in my knitting basket. I ripped it all out yesterday. 

I had pulled myself together for the long weekend we had in Australia and figured I'd just forge on with the sleeves. Maybe once I got through it, with properly fitted sleeves I would be inspired again? I ripped out the one sleeve I had completed and knit it again, plain this time and decreased pretty severely to get a fit I was happy with. On my arm, the sleeve looked good but off, it was the most hideous shape. I completed the second hideously disfigured but fitted sleeve. Then I looked at it all and realised that I just didn't like the cardigan. It wasn't right for me and so I sat and ripped the whole thing out. 

I didn't even feel any remorse which says something else (actually, I felt a little bit of sadistic joy pulling all of those thousands of stitches out) It's sad when you spend so long working on something and it doesn't work out. It's not you, it's me, I wanted to tell it. 

BUT. There just ain't no point in carrying on with something if you aren't enjoying it. I really felt like I'd arrived at a point with my knitting where I was producing things I was really proud of. Yarn knows, after all of this practice, I've actually grown quite good at this knitting thing. I like being skilled enough to make items that I am really proud to wear out and about. The Miette was setting me back a couple of years and that just won't do!

PS. I welcomed a new (potential) cardigan to the family last night and cast on for the Alys cardigan I've been desperate to make for some time now. Let's hope this one sticks!


  1. I totally agree, if you're not enjoying your knitting you need to rip it out. I love the Alys cardie is super cute.