Saturday, January 25, 2014

Adelaide Cowl

While Ben and I were in Adelaide for Christmas and New Year I found some Misti Alpaca yarn - lovely handpainted chunky in the Dark Chocolate colourway.

I'd been working steadily away on my Miette cardigan (that up until this morning had one sleeve and now has none) and while it's not a tricky pattern, I just felt like something totally mindless to work on while I was on holidays. Just something I could cart around in my bag and work on while I visited friends and family and something that could withstand a few glasses of wine, if you know what I mean.

stockinette cowl

I figured that a basic stockinette cowl suited my laziness the yarn perfectly - there are so many delicious colours in it that most patterns would just get lost anyway. My neck appreciates a cowl that double wraps and so I cast on stitches until it filled the whole 30inch cable - around 200.  5 rows of garter stitch at the start and end to stop the edges from rolling, stockinette through the middle and Bob's your uncle.

stockinette cowl

stockinette cowl

So technically, it was started last year but as it was finished this year, it totally counts for the first 2014 project. It's going to get some serious wear in winter but until then, sadly, it's just making my scarf drawer a little bit prettier.

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